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Granite Property Management Company ("GPMC") is owned and operated by:

  • Jeffery Linker - President
  • James Damiani – Controller

Management Office
Phone: 440-286-2530
Fax: 440-201-6166

Jeffery Linker is a real estate developer and investor based in Northeast Ohio. Mr. Linker holds a B.S.B.A. Degree in Finance, and a Master's of Business Administration Degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation from the Wharton School, Mr. Linker joined Associated Estates Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio (later called Associated Estates Realty Corporation - NYSE: symbol AEC; now wholly owned by Brookfield Properties). During his tenure at AERC, Mr. Linker established his initial career experience in the acquisition, development, and management of real estate. While employed with AERC, he was directly responsible for the development of large-scale projects that included single-family housing, a 200-acre industrial park, and several, large, "class-A" multi-family rental communities. The once privately-held company was taken public on the NYSE in 1993, after which Mr. Linker served as Director of Acquisitions and Development until 1996. Since 1996 he has independently developed, from the ground-up, several multifamily communities in Ohio; and has pursued other commercial and residential projects in Ohio and Florida.

Mr. Linker formed GPMC in 2005 with Jeff Lustic, with whom Mr. Linker had worked during his tenure at AERC. Mr. Lustic helped build and manage GPMC with Mr. Linker for 15 years, and retired in early 2020. James Damiani is now the Controller for GPMC, assisting Mr. Linker in the day-to-day operations of the company, interfacing with the on-site Property Managers on a daily basis; managing primary vendor relationships, and having primary responsibility for the financial management of the portfolio.

Linker formed GPMC in 2005, with the specific goals of:

  • Managing the apartment portfolio that Mr. Linker had personally developed since 1997;
  • Managing new properties developed and acquired by Mr. Linker and his investors;